That headline is a bit shit, I agree.

Everyone knows that Wheres Waldo? is the real Where's Waldo? of the Tron generation, but you try coming up with a viable reference point for something like that without resorting to esoteric medieval French tapestries.

And how many Merc readers are of the Bayeux generation? Thought so.

But I didn't write this post to draw more attention to the pompous history of the Normans in The Olde Worlde. I wrote it to draw attention to the awesome history of videogames in The Worlde of Arcade Aid.

This is likely the only good to come of the Tron sequel
  • This is likely the only good to come of the Tron sequel

Click the thing for the thing.

Think of Arcade Aid as an interactive picture puzzle. By clicking these blue words you'll be whisked away to a Flash representation of a meticulously illustrated cityscape. Only, instead of featuring standard urban fixtures like hookers and cops shooting razor knife wielding transients (topical!), the city is constructed almost entirely out of allusions to classic and relatively modern games.

There are 56 games represented in the puzzle. I managed to name 51 of them without cheating. Think you can do better? Bring it assbutt!

(Post Script: The sad bit is that this Arcade Aid thing seems to be some kind of ad for the upcoming Tron sequel Disney is prepping. I have no faith that the sequel will be anything but a lackluster follow up to a film that didn't really do anything for me in the first place, but I have to give them propers for ingenious marketing ploys. Maybe I wouldn't want to slap every PR wonk I meet if more companies released ads in the form of clever interactive games.)

(Post Post Script: Propers to Geekologie as well, for finding this first.)