• PEEKABOO!!!!!

It's Palm Sunday! El Papa says he will "not be intimidated by petty gossip." Well.

Tack så mycket, China! Supposedly Swedish automaker Volvo gets handed off from Ford to... China.

A glider carrying the 27th most powerful person in the world crashes into a Moroccan lake. Question: WHY IS THE 27TH MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD FLOATING AROUND IN A DANG GLIDER??

Obama sneakily makes some appointments while Congress (boo! hiss!) is out of town.

...but the TSA (thanks for all ya do, shoe-sniffing blueshirts) may be without a leader for months. Just as it has been... for months.

People across the world turned off their lights last night in honor of "earth hour." There's a YouTube video of the Empire State Building turning off its lights that's so boring I won't even link you to it. You're welcome.

Wow! That is one ugly porn star! She says she slept with Tiger Woods. Snooze. NSFW. But you're not at W, because it's Sunday.

Gang violence claims more lives in Southeast Portland.

NPR's Weekend Edition had an interview today with this insanely annoying kid who reviews movies, named Perry Chen. He rates things out of five starfish ("because it's for kids, and I'm also a kid") and liberally uses the word "Perrific" ("because it's a catchphrase I made, out of Perry and Terrific.") Boo! Go play outside! Stop ripping off our ideas!