Let's hope it's a little more impressive than last week's so-called "protests." 5pm, South Park Blocks. Y'all keep your 'revolutionary' paws off my condo, now. D'ya hear?

There are simple preparations to take to ensure a more successful bloc.
-Know the area well, scout it out before hand with your affinity group for targets and escape routes.
-Don't bloc up before the action, do it upon arrival in a circle of people you trust.
-Have clothes (that are not black) to change into. Have your bloc clothes be easily taken off and thrown away.
-Have a clear understanding of what your affinity group members are comfortable with a.k.a. willing to get arrested for. In case of arrest have each member's emergency information and their desired actions taken post-arrest.
-Always have your affinity group in sight, unless otherwise communicated.
-Stay massed up with the bloc unless participating in an action. Do not allow unblocked folks to come into the bloc. If you become separated locate the black flag, if there isn't one depending on police proximity find a safe place to de-bloc.
-Protect those who are participating in property destruction. Ensure that there are more bloc members near them then cops.
-Do not become provoked by rubber neckers or counter protesters. This is a waste of your energy and allows for a false image of community vs. bloc to be created. They may also be police provocateurs.
-Chant loudly. Make sure to be louder then any liberal or reformist message being said. Your message goes beyond putting band aids on the wounds oppressive systems create. You are working to prevent those wounds from ever being inflicted.
-Bringing banners (good blockades for the bloc), goggles, vinegar soaked bandanas and other defensive and offensive materials is highly encouraged.