For their spring fundraising event, the Oregon Sports Union Women's Rugby League stripped down and lubed up for some lubricant-based wrestling at the Dixie Tavern on Friday. Erotic? Yes. Terrifying? It was—but only if they won't kick my ass for saying so.

In a series of rounds lasting 45 seconds each, the girls turned against one another for some rugby-rotic romps around the ring—IN LUBE—to determine who would reign as this year's Queen of the Lube Wrestling. After a savage display of sticky, wet brawn, Krista "The Natural" Gust took the title, but Shelby "The Ginger" put up a ferocious fight and "P.M." Dawn won my heart for her wrestler name alone.

If you missed the wrestling match, the men's and women's rugby teams are in the midst of their spring seasons... or you could just keep it kinky and wait for next year's lube duel. Your call.