Okay, most importantly, hats-off to this guy:


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Now, which version do you want? The FOX 12 version, or the Indymedia version? Because I can guarantee that we're going to get a nice, juicy selection of write-ups on this evening's farce.

The anarchist/police accountability (depending on whose side you're on) march started in the South Park blocks around five fifteen, with about 150 protesters shouting things like "cops, pigs, murderers!" and "fuck the police, no justice, no peace!".


I asked a few protesters for comment beforehand, but they were skeptical. "I think we're making our statement pretty well," said one black bandana'd young man with a barking pit-bull.

The media were pretty on edge around the protesters, myself included. KATU had even hired a security guard to ensure that their truck was kept safe.

The protesters then set off on an un-permitted march around town. The theme, simple: To make the police follow them around on an unplanned route. The cops headed the protesters off pretty quickly, using their bikes to shove them onto the sidewalks:


The group headed past the Justice Center, city hall, and back up to Portland State University as the helicopters from Fox 12 hovered overhead. From the safety of my downtown condo I can tell you that they're now moving down toward the South Waterfront, judging from the direction of the newscopter. But the group grew less energetic and less cohesive after a while. The only damage I've seen so far has been the shoving of newspaper boxes into the street—although no Mercury boxes, so far, I should point out:

Meanwhile, the majority of the protesters have been pretty good-natured.

"Matt Davis, don't listen to the maniacs with the megaphones," said one protester. "Look for Ibrahim. He's our media liaison."

So I shouted, "does anybody know where Ibrahim is?" and then I found him:


Meanwhile the "maniacs" with the megaphones were saying such ridiculous things as "you will be held accountable," to the cops. I know. Ridiculous. Right?

Oregonian columnist Dave Lister called to ask if I'm alright. "I saw the anarchists on the news," he told me. "And I realized they're down where you live."

Meanwhile someone just asked if we'll get mugged on the way to Safeway. I said we'll probably be alright as long as we stay on guard for the dude with the pointy hat. Updates as I have them. But not before my groceries.