First ever bike breakfast on the Morrison Bridge
After 12 years of process and a last, disappointing two week delay, the Morrison Bridge bike/ped path is FINALLY opening. For real, guys. And nothing like a 51 degree day with chance of thunderstorms to celebrate a path that should make biking to work safer and more comfortable.

Today at 12:30 pm, bigiwgs like County Commissioners Jeff Cogen and Deboroah Kafoury are cutting the ribbon on the just-completed path separated from car traffic on the south side of the bridge. But last Friday, Shift 2 Bikes christened the path in its own way, hosting the first ever breakfast on the Morrison bridge, handing out donuts and coffee to bike commuters.

I've snuck over the bridge on my bike a couple times this month, partly out of spite over the delayed official opening and partly just to check it out. My thoughts: it's great to be separated from cars, I feel super safe from traffic, but it's a pretty small path, really. The 15-foot-wide path is supposed to fit two way bike traffic and two way pedestrian traffic. That's going to be pretty tight. Especially if we're also making room for delicious donuts and coffee.

Has anyone else ridden the path yet or walked across the bridge? Joys? Concerns?