Jackpot Records owner and festival curator Isaac Slusarenko has amassed a collection of obscure, yet highly relevant films for this year's festivities, from the history of the Mellotron (whom the Beatles and Kanye owe props) to the rise of Rough Trade. The highlight of the week will undoubtedly be the non-celluloid performance of Thurstan Moore collaborating with Jandek.

  • Brooke Weeber

No score and seven years ago, Jackpot Records held its first film festival. Decidedly low concept from inception, the premise remains: we show films, you watch for free. Behind the scenes it’s a bit more involved: we spend months wandering the celluloid highway looking for masterpieces that may be a bit off the map. Over the years we’ve landed some genuine Portland premiers, had extremely colorful director appearances (Pinky, we’re looking at you) and evaporated the minds of young and old alike with ridiculously rare clips and features that genuflect before no genre. It’s our way of saying, “Look at all this cool stuff we found!”

Cool stuff indeed. The 1964 concert film The T.A.M.I Show is dusted off for a fundraiser kick-off Thursday, April 22nd. They suggest a $5 donation and I suggest you don't be a dick.

For complete festival info, click this delightful link.