Apparently he's a well-regarded Chicago chef who will soon be opening a new venture, Kin, later this spring in the space previously occupied by Holden's bistro [524 Northwest 14th]. From the Portland Urban blog:

Kevin's accolades are extensive and include a feature as one of the nations top ten chefs in Food & Wine Magazine in 1991 and nomination as one of the best new chefs in America by the James Beard Society in 1992.

A quick search for his name finds him located in a Chicago Best Chef list that includes Grant Achatz of Alinea fame and Charlie Trotter (though Shikami is a bit further down that list). It also turns up quotes like this from David Hammond of the Chicago Reader, in a 2007 first look at Shikami's restaurant Shikago:

The balance of flavors at Shikago was remarkable in its simplicity, each plate a thoughtful composition of sweet, salty, bitter, savory, with a touch of sour. So far this small place is hidden in the dark folds of LaSalle Street, waiting to be recognized. Running into Alan Shikami, brother of chef Kevin, in the lobby as we left, he lamented with some pride that Kevin is “Chicago’s most underrated chef.” Even discounting fraternal bias, there seems to be some truth to that assertion.

Will Shikami find recognition and acclaim in Portland? We'll keep an eye on Kin and let you know. In the meantime... Have a hot food tip? Drop us a line.