Environmental activists from Rising Tide fanned out across Portland last night, wrapping 3,000 copies of Willamette Week in fake April Fools' Day covers. It's like that time the Yes Men put out the fake NYTimes cover... only not quite so elaborate.

Fossil Fools Day is a national event but here in Portland, the enviros targeted the three most controversial acronyms: CRC, LNG and NW Natural.

The group also released a statement from organizer Ryan Caraway, “Our region is threatened by a number of projects that would increase our dependency on fossil fuels as well as threaten some of the most pristine areas left in this country. Unfortunately, we feel that we don’t see enough critical media surrounding these issues and we wanted to change that — at least for one night.” Organizer Meredith Cocks says about 40 volunteers placed the papers around Portland last night. Why'd they punk WW instead of the Mercury or Tribune? "The Willamette Week has been one that we’ve seen covering these issues the least, out of the other free papers available," says Cocks.

Big image of the cover below the cut. Did anyone see these around? Were you fooled?