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Yesterday I spoke briefly with Matt Wagner from Compound Gallery (107 NW 5th Ave), who has been busily working to curate a triptych show (opening tonight from 7-10 pm). Triptychs are classically religious, three panel images, used to a narrative end. From Wagner himself:

I was recently in France and was fortunate enough to be able to see many triptychs in churches and museums. When I returned to Portland, I knew immediately that I would use that experience in organizing a show. I felt a new breed of artists from Portland and abroad would have a unique perspective on this subject. The European triptychs had strong religious connotations. These triptychs are unified in a more secular narrative.

Wagner says he invited just eleven artists to participate in the show, because he wanted to keep things "intimate." Dave Macdowell created a Disney-themed triptych, which is a bit creepy and orgiastic in its unfettered mixture of Disney characters, the actors who've played those characters, and the product placement common to modern entertainment. Other strong offerings include Jen Lobo's painting of an underwater scene (pictured above), and J Shea's stark sculptural depiction of a dragon breaking through the ocean's surface to snack on a bird. After the Compound opening, there's an afterparty at Yes and No (20 NW 3rd) starting at 11 pm.

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The sixth annual Stumptown Comics Art Show is opening tonight from 6-9 pm at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts (1111 SW Broadway), kicking off the third annual Portland Comic Book Month! From the press release:

The exhibit this year showcases an unprecedented 40+ artists, ranging from local to international professionals and emerging talent, with 80 pieces of comic book and illustrated art... Opening reception will be hosted at PCPA on First Thursday, April 1, from 6-9pm. Mayor Sam Adams will be in attendance to read the official proclamation of April as Portland's Comic Book Month, and many of the participating artists will also be on hand throughout the evening. Catering and drinks for the event will be provided by PCPA's ArtBar and MacTarnahan's Brewing.

Click here for a complete list of participating artists.

  • Scott Rohlfs

If you don't like triptychs or comic books, then you're probably a pervert— and therefore, you might be interested in Club Sesso's presentation of paintings by Scott Rohlfs, which feature lots of "erotic" tatted up ladies with big eyes (which, admittedly, is pretty overdone). I was hoping the Ron Jeremy-endorsed swingers club would focus on a more innovative arts programming, but it doesn't look like that's really the goal, especially when the press release is dotted with things like: "Portland-based painter Scott Rohlfs and Gallery Sesso are teaming up for an erotic art exhibit sure to stimulate more than just your eyes." They're talking about stimulating your minds, naturally. There will be free appetizers and champagne from 6-8 pm, and you've gotta be 21+ to enter (824 SW 1st Ave).

Question is, what are you doing tonight? If it's artsy, talk about it in the comments!