Before we get to my shocked text-o-speak, watch this trailer:

Now hit the jump.

Yeah, it's from Activision.

Yeah, it's yet another game in the company's endless stream of titles based on Marvel Comics' most arachnophilic superhero.

Yeah, it will most likely rival the last half dozen Activision Spider-Man games for "This Decade's Most Boring Game Based On A License That Should Have Automatically Made Things Wicked Awesome."

And yet, that whole "play as multiple alternaverse incarnations of Spidey" concept has me kinda hopeful. Rumor has it that there are five different universes to explore — two of which this trailer demonstrated — so does anyone want to take a stab at the remaining three?

Assuming Activision plays this smart and bases each universe on a different comic book Spider-Man incarnation — and there is no guarantee that they won't just make idiotic, original Spider-Man universes (Spider-Man meets Tony Hawk and they have a halfpipe contest ... again) — I've got my fingers crossed for the consistently amazing Ultimate Spider-Man, the laughably dated, yet novel Spider-Man 2099 and the way-cooler-than-it-has-any-right-to-be 1602 incarnation of Peter Parquagh.

Spider-Man and a tyrannosaurus versus puritanical, steampunk Iron Man? That's worth your 60 bones right there.