You like poetry right? And public literary gatherings and readings? And beer?

Yes of course you do. That's why you want to go to Ampersand tonight at 7:30 to help Zachary Schomberg and Emily Kendal Frey celebrate the release of their chapbook, OK, Goodnight, just out from Future Tense. If you're too lazy to click on the link, here's what the website has to say about it.

Some people say the first Schomburg/Frey poems appeared during biblical times and that they were read with great joy on Noah's ark. Other folks date the appearance of these poets' duets at around 1978 or 2008. Regardless of their unknown origins, the haunting power, spare lines, and peculiar push and pull of these short poems add up to a satisfying and surprising reading experience.

But wait there's more. Way more. Justin Taylor, author of Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever will be reading as well as Pauls Toutonghi, author of Red Weather. This has turned out to be the perfect storm of a literary event. Enjoy!

One more time it's:

Ampersand (2916 NE Alberta) at 7:30 p.m.