Disclaimer: I expect, like, four of you to really appreciate this. You four are my people. The rest of you will die penniless and alone.

Ok, so remember that post I made earlier today which, on reflection, seems to paint my weekends as sad, lonely affairs occupied only by plumbing the depths of the Internet for information on 20-year-old video games that don't even exist? Yeah ... I'm only now realizing how sad that sounds.

Anyway, the reason I apparently forego any meaningful human interaction is because occasionally I find things I've never seen before. Things like The Act:

I'd always wondered why Dragon's Lair-style fully-animated games never really took off, and seeing as how the biggest advance the entire genre made in the nearly 25 years between its release and the troubled development of The Act was a shiny knob, I think I finally grasp it.

That said, the animation is nice (if not quite Don Bluth-ian, despite having a few dev team members with Disney credits to their names), and the gimmick of varied levels of interaction could be entertaining ... for, like, 15 minutes. Knowing these sorts of games that's probably about how long the full thing ran, so I could see someone enjoying this a few times.

Well, if arcades still existed anyway.