Remember the iPad? Well, whatever you think about it (hate! love! hate! HATE!), forget it, because mere days after that massive product launch, Apple has announced that they're holding an event THIS THURSDAY to give a "sneak peek" at the next version of the iPhone OS (which also powers the iPad and iPod Touch).



Most of the rumors and speculation for the next version center around adding multitasking, the lack of which (sort of) is one of the biggest gripes people have about Apple's current software. I say "sort of" because the iPhone DOES multitask, Apple just hasn't allowed third-party apps to run in the background yet. With increasing competition from Android, there's little doubt Apple has a plan for this kind of thing.

I'll post my thoughts about the first couple days with my Giant iPod Touch later today, once I figure out how to type on it while watching Flash movies running off my SD card and two-way video chatting with my Mom at the same time. It can do that, right?