SE 92nd and Foster needs love too, so Lents Common is swinging open their doors next Friday, April 16, at 9201 SE Foster. This "community-based arts center" will house live music, theatrical events, plus plenty more.

Tell it like it is, press release:

Thanks to a shared vision, a space with untapped potential, lots of sweat and yes…Craigslist, the Lents neighborhood in outer SE is now home to the newest of Portland’s ever-growing creative endeavors. Opening April 16, Lents Commons is a new community-based arts center devoted to fostering up-and-coming artists of all ilk. The two-story, 4,000 square-foot commercial space has been converted into a spacious café, gallery and music room on the main floor, with an intimate 49-seat theatre in the basement soon to be known as The Underground.

It's not exactly in our stomping grounds, but we'll try and send someone out there for a full report.

End Hits: OMG, that's just a few blocks away from Al's Shoes & Boots For Men.