Vote for em both!
  • Vote for 'em both!
After last week's environmental debate between three gubernatorial candidates, major green group the Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) has made a surprising endorsement: it's supporting BOTH John Kitzhaber and Bill Bradbury for governor.

From the OLCV's statement: “A dual endorsement is fairly rare, but this is an exceptional case. Having two gubernatorial candidates with such especially strong environmental credentials represents a milestone in Oregon’s environmental movement.”

Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks a lot. You can't just endorse both candidates! There's one month until the primary and you're not making it easy for the voters who have to check one box for governor. At this rate, voters are going to have to choose between the two similar candidates based on their differing tie choice. But at least the OLCV will have good relations with whichever Democrat takes the seat...

More reporting on the environmental stances of the candidates here.