I might have known the Oregonian would have to weigh in on the second recall effort before its inevitable implosion in a couple of weeks. Well, here's the editorial:

But stop and think. A recall election is exactly what's needed right now. By not signing a recall petition, Portlanders are signing up for three more years of a diminished, crippled city.

A police crisis has only served to emphasize the fact that no other commissioner can fill the vacuum created by an "unmayor."

But a recall election could change all this. If Adams is recalled, a mayoral primary could be held in September and a runoff in November. If Adams is not removed from office, a recall election would still give the city — and the mayor — new momentum.

The election would clean the slate, inspiring new confidence in everyone who deals with the city that Portland voters support their mayor. It would cancel the view, generally held today, that Adams is unelectable.

A strong, concerted push over the next two weeks to gather signatures may sound daunting.

But dragging on as we are with a marred, tarred mayor — and a stunted, blunted city — sounds far worse.

Recall spokeswoman Avel Gordly called for a $70,000 donation Monday to get the required signatures in time. I know the Oregonian can't spare the cash, but one can't help thinking they're essentially bolstering Gordly's fundraising effort here.