I've done my best to characterize myself as a socially conscious glutton and drunk, rather than a insufferable foodie. But given all my breathless blogging and tweeting about ingredients, cooking, farmers markets (etc.), it may be time to admit I'm the exact type person the new blog Shut Up, Foodies is attempting to skewer:

Attention, locavores, omnivores, urban butchers, backyard beekeepers, cheese fanatics, and conspicuous consumers of consuming: Your chickens won’t save the world and we don’t want the life story of everything on the menu. We don't care what you eat—we just want you to lower the volume. Also, please stop talking about ramps.

If I'm a glutton for anything, I'm a glutton for abuse. Which is why I plan to return again and again to Shut Up, Foodies. Also, it helps equalize the fever pitch of gastronomic obsession in this very foodie town. It's about time.

Mostly though, I love Shut Up, Foodies for its "Shut Up, Bacon" series, which is helping me come to terms with my complicated feelings about America's favorite breakfast meme. Check out the interview with the blog's writers at Eat Me Daily.

I'll be following SUF on Twitter, right after I tweet about the amazing farm fresh egg I baked this morning... Damn! I can't stop!