Above the law.
  • Above the law.

You cannot file a restraining order against the police. Even if you feel that they will interfere with your plans to murder a bunch people at a women's clinic. They will, in fact, restrain you from doing so. Via the Dallas Morning News:

On Friday morning, [Erlyndon Joseph] Lo went to the Plano federal courthouse and filed a court document saying that at noon that day, he was planning to go to the Southwestern Women's Surgery Center in the 8600 block of Greenville Avenue in Dallas and "use deadly force to defend the innocent life of another human being," according to court documents.

Lo's filing specifically sought a restraining order against law enforcement, asking that officers not be allowed to harm him if he had to harm someone else.

A law graduate of Southern Methodist University, Lo sued the United States Supreme Court earlier this year. He demanded that abortion be outlawed. Also: $999 trillion dollars. I am not making this shit up.