Okay! Did you or did you not watch last night's episode of LOST? YOU DID?? Awesome! So let's talk about it already. As you undoubtedly recall, this episode entitled "Happily Ever After" revolved around the enigmatic Desmond—and whenever Desmond's involved, the episode is bound to be a game-changer. SO WHAT DID YOU THINK? As always, I'll post a few spoilery discussion starters after the jump, and then you'll post your comments below, once again proving how smart you are. Ready... set... LET'S TALK LOST!

STOP!! Youre messing up my HAIR!!
  • "STOP!! You're messing up my HAIR!!"

1) This episode definitely had some shockers, but in your mind was it a game-changer?
2) Who laughed their ass off when that poor LOST "red shirt" got fried in the giant microwave?
3) What the eff was that giant microwave anyway?
4) So about this alternate/sideways reality—is it all just a bunch of hokum whipped up by Widmore and wifey? Kind of like the Matrix without the awkward vacuum cleaner tube stuck in the back of your neck?
5) Any ideas about what Desmond's special power is? And did his freaky "now I know everything" look at the end of the show weird you out?
6) Is Charlie's band "Drive Shaft" like, the worst band ever?
7) I liked this episode more than others, and have decided to hang in there till the bitter end. How about you? (However, I'm not at all pleased that Lost is going to start conflicting with Glee starting next week! GAHHH!)