From sometime Mercury arts writer Stephen Marc Beaudoin, who is on the scene:

"I was just passing," he says. "And I saw it going on."

"There's, it looks like, about 20 folks in black bloc attire ring-leading this," he says. "And they cordoned off the intersection with Everett and 13th, which I guess is where James Chasse,jr. was beaten. And they overturned a bunch of trash cans and dragged out a bunch of crates and stuff. And they've been chanting things like 'cops, pigs, murderers,' and the names of Aaron Campbell, James Chasse, and Jackie Collins."

"They've just left the area and they're taking off down 13th, which they've renamed James Avenue—they painted a street sign."

"Aaaaand it's over," he says. "The police are cleaning up, and one guy is shouting into a bullhorn at a KOIN 6 reporter, 'YOU'RE A MEDIA WHOOORRRE!!'." More of Beaudoin's pics after the jump.

Update, 6:20:
As you know, black bloc anarchists can kiss my teeth. But renaming Everett after James Chasse? Now THAT is a good idea. According to city code, this could happen any time after September 17 2011:

A. Any individual or organization may apply to the City to rename a City street. City streets may only be renamed after a prominent person. Such prominent person must be:

1. a person who has achieved prominence as a result of his or her significant, positive contribution to the United States of America and/or the local community;

2. a real person; and

3. a person who has been deceased for at least five years. [Chasse died September 17, 2006].

B. Only one street renaming application shall be processed at a time, and only one street name change shall be implemented per year for a major traffic or district collector street. Additional applications shall be placed on a waiting list and processed in order of submission when this criteria can be met.