Nuke Deal! Russia and US send bombs away.

The Fifth New Element discovered this decade briefly exists in a Russian atom smasher.

Revolution in Kyrgyzstan: Protests topple leadership in a county we all wish was a valid Scrabble word.

Breathing Wheezy: 9/11 rescue workers' lungs look like they've aged 12 extra years

Video of US Soldier: In the hands of the Taliban.

Chinese Bullet Trains: In California.

Person Dies, Ties up Traffic: Pedestrian struck and killed by car last night. KATU is sad because the death ties up traffic:



Man Robs Bank, Steals Dogs: NE Portland bank heist gets ruff when bandit steals a Jaguar with two Chihuahuas in back.

Alaska Was Dumping Ground for Pedophile Priests: If you haven't read Brendan Kiley's piece in The Stranger about Pedophile's Paradise do it now.