As you know, we get letters. And while most are penned by angry drunks, occasionally we receive one from a womens' prison (my favorite kind) or a foreigner with a tenuous grasp on the English language. What follows is such a letter. However, what Kőházy may lack in syntax, he (or she) makes up for in juicy spooky storytelling. Behold: "The Mystery of the Ghost of Michael Jackson (and I am Glad About This Very Much)."


An old virgin Mária appeared on a picture Michael Jackson face.
His music is his hush meanwhile. I loved it very much. I was putting in the film into the computer and I was surprised when I noticed it.
I took a photo of the picture many times since then but there was nobody on him. I ghost I deal with taking a photo, and when he died already i knew it that I hold it down to take a photo and I am glad about this very much.I would like it if it would be published in their sheet.
Thank you

Kőházy Galkó Zsuzsanna Hungari Miskolc
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Thanks for your letter and photo, Kőházy. We're more than happy to publish this in our sheet.