While Metro presidential candidates Bob Stacey, Rex Burkholder and Tom Hughes are probably spending the morning polishing up their speeches for today's big debate at City Club, Burkholder has something to worry about: prominent NW environmental think tank Sightline is taking Rex to task for his support of the Columbia River Crossing.

Rex: Under fire.
  • Rex: Under fire.

Sightline research associate Roger Valdez says Burkholder is a friend, but sounds off on Burkholder's support of green goals while also supporting the current CRC design, which will likely increase greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come. From the piece on Sightline:

In his defense, Burkholder could make some compelling arguments. For example, he could argue that the CRC proposal is the best that we can hope for. Or he could argue that it is a small price to pay for much larger benefits... He might also argue that the CRC is the price of winning. Even if the CRC proposal is a bad idea, he might contend, it’s what voters want. Opposing it won’t stop it... Any of these arguments might be compelling. But they are all political arguments—not arguments that the CRC is the best policy option.

I've reported on Burkholder's CRC stance here and here. I'm sure the bridge will be the hot topic at today's City Club debate.