Thing I'm excited about: the Portland Water Bureau is installing 52 places to fill up water bottles around town. Hydration is key to success, bottled water is immoral and filling up a Nalgene at a Benson Bubbler often results in an unintentional wet t-shirt contest so, hooray, I welcome the water fountains of the future.

Thing that makes me sad: There is a GPS-based iPhone app to locate water fountains. This brings us onse step closer to resembling the fat Wall-E humanoids whose screens think for them. If someone I was dating used this app, I think it would be a yuppie dealbreaker. At least the app is called Tap It, which is funny.

The app is not perfect. I go thirsty at my desk at 605 NE 21st Ave and went to the TapIt website to find the closest source of water. It says I should go to a cafe about a mile away.