Bush Knew Many Gitmo Detainees Were Innocent: Former top aide says Bush and Cheney knew many Guantanamo detainees were innocent, but thought it was politically impossible to release them.

Supreme Court Justice Stevens Retires! Before the liberal judge is even out the door, everyone's gossiping about who Obama will appoint.

Boy Scout Sex Abuse Trial: Heads to a grand jury in Portland today, with scout leader Timur Dykes accused of molesting young scouts in the eighties.

She's Got Balls! US baseball gets its only female pitcher.

Deadly Mine was Warned! The mine that killed at least 25 people on Monday had a string of federal violations.

Rupert Murdoch vs. NYT: Will Murdoch's price gouging hurt the gray lady?

Um... gulp. The world's 4th largest lake is 90 percent dried up.