• "delight of a decomposer" by Andy Kehoe

From Grass Hut's blog:

grass hut is moving after the end of the month. We will be open mostly reg hours thurs-sun thru the end of April. A little sad to see this place I am in now go. this outweighs the joy and freedom i feel about the next chapter in grass hut future history. We will be moving to 5th and couch downtown with our own space inside Floating World. Our first art show in the new space will be Joel Trussell on may 6th. that’s first thursday!

Grass Hut's final show, Balls Out, will be on view through April. You might consider buying a t-shirt to commemorate this historic event. I've got a call in to Floating World to ask how the logistics of the space-sharing are going to work; I'll update when I figure that out.

UPDATED! 12:05 pm: Floating World's Jason Leivian says he's clearing out a space to the left of his register (when you're facing the register) to create a gallery for Grass Hut's Bwana Spoons, who will be remodeling and repainting the space. Bwana will curate monthly shows, starting with May's offering from Joel Trussell (who did this undeniably badass video). The emphasis will be on the gallery, though he'll also be selling some merch, like prints and toys. Floating World will continue to host regular art shows, so now there will be two First Thursday openings in the space instead of one. "I've always really admired Grass Hut's aesthetic," Leivian says, "and I'm really excited to bring that into Floating World."