It's Friday, work will only have you in its skeletonic grip for a few more hours and the weekend holds endless promises of half-assed riots and police violence.

With that in mind I thought I'd share something heartwarming. Something pleasant. Something proving yet again that there are people out there on the 'net who have far more free time and talent than you could ever muster with an endless trust fund and Leonardo da Vinci's magic fez.

Thus, the Mega Man mosaic:

Click for totally worthwhile embiggening
  • Click for totally worthwhile embiggening

Constructed by NeoGAF member "jarosh," the mosaic compiles images from the Blue Bomber's six NES games into a perfect recreation of the plucky hero mid-leap. Arms akimbo, Mega Buster at the ready, he seems to be saying "Hey Dr. Wily, I hope your degree is in Proctology 'cuz I'm about to ram a Charged Shot up your ass!"

The mosaic only becomes more impressive when viewed in detail. I highly recommend a glance at the original forum thread for a look at some of the images from a few inches away. Seeing exactly how jarosh compiled these heavily-pixelated, relatively archaic images into something so gorgeous is really stunning and makes me wish all of those emotionally-damaged art school girls I dated in my early 20s had half his creativity.

(Propers to Geekologie for scooping me.)