From (where else?) the New York Post:


A raging cyclist fed up with aggressive Manhattan drivers took matters into his own hands yesterday, jumping on the hood of a limo that clipped him and smashing in the windshield with his fists.

Bike messenger-gone-wild Perzeus Forte, 20, also ripped out the front passenger window, tore the shirt of driver Darr Mohammed, 49, and clocked him in the face…

"He hit me and kept going," Forte later fumed to The Post. "I'm sick of this."

Forte's rampage began while riding his bike up Sixth Avenue in Chelsea, where Mohammed grazed him around West 19th Street. The limo kept going until he got stopped by a red light at West 20th Street.

That's when Forte flipped out, ditching his wheels and sprinting 100 yards to the car. He leaped onto the hood while screaming, "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you, motherf- - -er!" according to one witness.

The belligerent biker then jumped off the hood and grabbed the half-open driver's-side window, shaking it back and forth until it shattered, the witness said.

Forte allegedly socked Mohammed in his left eye and ripped the breast pocket of his blue dress shirt. Mohammed, who lives in Bayonne with his wife and daughter, suffered a black eye.

He then turned his attention to his blood-soaked hands, plucking out shards of glass while waiting for the cops.

Dear car drivers of Portland: I promise I will never do this.