• yeeeeuuurrrgghhhh

Earlier this week I told you about KFC's newest abomination called the Double Down, which is essentially a bacon "sandwich" between two fried chicken breast "buns".

I've thought a lot about whether or not I would eat this thing for you, Blogtownies. But then I realized that you may not want me to eat it; you might care too much about my health to see me pissing it away with this genetically modified melange of fowl, pork and Colonels Sauce. You may even think the damn thing has received too much press already and that any more is essentially a slap in the face of human dignity and the dignity of Blogtown... Or not.

So, I've decided to leave it up to a poll. I will abide by your decision and will prove my commitment by documenting the whole sordid affair on video (should you vote to make me eat). Be kind, won't you?

Should PAC eat the KFC Double Down?

PSSSST: While you're in a voting mood, I thought I'd let you know that voting for the Bafly Awards will take place over text message this year! That means you don't have to attend to vote for me as Most Good Writer 2010. All you need to do is text 'BARFLY 12D' to short code 41411 on Sunday, April 11th, between 8-10pm! More info here. And remember, a vote for PAC is a vote for all of us! (And the only thing that will keep him from whining about it for the next fucking month).