First things first: there are just a few days left to save $10 on Bridgetown's pre-sale passes. Four days, 150+ comics, just $50 bucks if you buy before Friday.

Now, meet Hari Kondabolu, a festival veteran. Kondabolu played last year's Bridgetown and stunned the audience at Mt. Tabor. His style mixes serious politics, racial identity and just flat out weird, funny shit. And while I love a comic with something serious to share, some can be too forceful (hellooo David Cross). Kondabolu, however, stays clear of being overly preachy. As his website bio explains:

According to the Seattle Times, Hari Kondabolu is "a young man reaching for the hand-scalding torch of confrontational comics like Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor." Like his comedic heroes, he wants to speak truth to power with confrontational and personal material. Unlike them, he does not want to die of a morphine overdose or set himself on fire.

Hari Kondabolu - Vegan Soul Food
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