A quick reminder that everybody's favorite homo-rific TV musical Glee returns tonight after American Idol on Fox at a special time of 9:28 pm—so adjust your DVRs accordingly! And as some of you already know, Glee's season premiere falls right smack dab in the middle of tonight's episode of Lost (which features everybody's favorite character Hugo). So some of you are in for a tough choice… unless you like drinking of course, in which case I would suggest watching Glee and taking part in this "Glee Drinking Game" thoughtfully provided by Flavorpill. Here are just a few examples of when you should drink!

You must drink every time…

- Sue says something that would create a lawsuit in a real workplace. So, basically chug whenever she speaks.

- Rachel wears argyle anything.

- Anyone mentions pregnancy. Yes, even the fake one.

- Someone gets slushied. (This applies to recaps.)

- Artie wears a sweater vest.

- Tina speaks. Wait, that never happens. Just drink anytime that Tina is in the frame.

- Quinn reminisces about her days as a Cheerio.

- The guy whose name I don’t know because all he does is dance, dances.

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