How is that possible, you ask? The Library of Congress, our national repository of thought, has now archived every tweet ever tweeted since the micro-blogging website was created four years ago. You know... For research purposes.

I for one greeted the news with a kind of geeky glee that I would FINALLY be represented in the Library of Congress. (For some reason they refused to house my self-publish YA novel about a young verbally abused zombie who comes of age after having an illicit love affair with a drunk Philly cheesesteak.)

However, the glee subsided when I realized that the Library of Congress would now have a database of tweets that included little morsels like this recent drunken tweet:


I guess you take the good with the bad, but I have a feeling tweets like those are going to be the overwhelming majority in the archive. I know they're the overwhelming majority on my own Twitter feed. Also, I'm a bit dismayed that miserable prick Frank Cassano is going to live forever in the dusty halls of the LOC.

The Twitter news doesn't stop there! According to the Consumerist, Google has also announced plans to archive every tweet ever and make the whole thing easily searchable. Lord help us all.