This guys on the shit list, too
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  • This guy's on the shit list, too
Hooray for Gay! Obama orders all hospitals to allow same-sex couples visitation rights, like legally married couples. Homophobic nurses keeping dying patients from their partners: you're on Obama's shit list.

US Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud: BAM!

Yes, CIA Destroyed Tapes of Torture. Even though they said they didn't. Those tricksters!

Coyotes Go Bust: US agents stage the largest raid ever on transporters of illegal immigrants from Mexico, arresting 47.

"They Have Amused Me." Obama on Tea Partiers.

Thai Protesters: Wily. Anti-government protesters slip out the back of a hotel while commandos raid it.

Shrek in Leather: This week in... WTF?

Smoke Medical Marijuana? You Could be Fired. Oregon Supreme Court rules you can be fired for toking on the job.