After last week's departure into live action Saturday morning goodness, now I'm hankering for more! Let's take a peek at an example from the kings of Saturday morning live action, Sid & Marty Krofft. Famous for such classics as H.R. Puf'n'stuff, Lidsville, The Bugaloos and more, what follows is what I consider to be their SEXIEST offering, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl!
A ripoff/homage to Batman & Robin, EW & DG chronicled the adventures of two reporters who turned into spandex wearing superheroes to fight villains with their super bulky wrist thingies. This was waaaay before the iPad, guys! Anyhoo, Electra Woman was played by Days of Our Lives hottie Deidre Hall, and Dyna Girl was portrayed by the super cute/annoying Judy Strangis (Room 222)—and yet? I'd still tap either of them in a hot second.

Check out Electra Woman and Dyna Girl in part one of 1976's "THE SORCERER"!

Here's part two if you're still into it. And as always send in your suggestions for Saturday Morning Cartoon!