Mad Men's Christina Hendricks makes the cover of Esquire's "Best Looking Women in America." Any objections?

Speaking of Mad Men, creator Matt Weiner threatens to kill the show in 2012 after six seasons. Any objections?

Creepy skanks Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers have been offered their own reality show called Celebrity Cheaters. Any objections? (YES!!!)

Lady Gaga comes to American Idol on May 5th (if Twitter is to be believed).

Another LOST mystery: In this photo, it seems the entire cast is EXACTLY THE SAME HEIGHT! (I blame Walt, and no, I don't know why.)

Madonna finally gets around to watching Glee (specifically her episode airing tomorrow night) AND LOVES IT.

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Coco!

Turns out George Lopez may not be as ECSTATIC about Conan coming to TBS as we originally thought.

And once again, Christina Hendricks. Oh, sweet mother of god.