It's April 20! That magical day when stoners across the nation celebrate by shifting slightly off of their mom's couch. Well, we've rhapsodized about HannaH's Field before, the Oregon-Connecticut band who swept the American Marijuana Music Awards with their video for "Puff Puff Give."

Yeah. Remember that? Well, they sent us their new song just in time for 4/20. Guess what it's about!

(Weed. It's about weed.)

HannaH and partner in music—percussionist extraordinaire Bongo Bliss—have crafted a protest song to "free" the "weed," which I think means that they are asking for you to give them free pot. Seriously, just like one hit, man. Come on! What's the deal, narc? That's totally not, like, with nature and stuff, man. You're totally bumming me out.

So here's the song. Please be forewarned that listening to more than 10 seconds of this song could possibly make you never want to ever smoke weed again ever in your life. Ever. But for those stout-hearted enough to listen all the way through, the crazy freestyle breakdown towards the end is well worth it.


HannaH's Field - "Free the Weed"

Download the song from HannaH's Field, and read the lyrics ("You don’t arrest Santa, Take away turkey or burn down the missletoe [sic]/Release the chains on this sacred herb. Johnny Appleseed shall sow.") here.

End Hits: We're capable of ruining every holiday, even the fake ones.