File this under: EPIC FAIL.

The campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams apparently did not intend Jasun Wurster's punk music sendoff to be its official farewell to the city.

The campaign sent out a letter just now apologizing for the error. "You may have received earlier today an unauthorized and inaccurate release sent by Jasun Wurster, which he also posted on the recall website. He substituted his release in place of the campaign official message. We want to strongly convey the message that we are encouraging candidates to run in 2012 and will be actively helping in that endeavor."

Attached to the email was the Official Recall Failure AnnouncementTM, which encourages people angry with Sam to run for office in 2012. It also says the campaign was just one mailer away from getting the recall on the ballot... just one more mailer, people!

Anyway, the release is kind of boring, so in keeping with today's WTF announcement theme, I put it below the cut along with photos of cute owls to maintain your attention.

Portland, Oregon—In a letter to recall supporters and volunteers, Chief Petitioner, Avel Gordly expressed extreme disappointment in not being able to obtain enough signatures to bring the Adams issue before Portland voters.


“The City is faced with a dysfunctional stagnant government immersed in scandal. That clearly is not going away until there is new leadership and new vision. The integrity and character of our city remain an issue. I encourage individuals who want to restore integrity to the mayor’s office to start speaking out now in preparation for 2012,” said Gordly.

“I want to thank all of the brave, dedicated, hard working volunteers and the members of the business community who stepped up,” Gordly added. Gordly referred to Tim Boyle, Andrew Miller, Ron Tonkin, David Brands, Peter Stott and Dr. Gaye Harris.

“These individuals kept us viable. Unfortunately due to the economy and other factors we weren’t able to raise enough money. We were just one mailing away from getting enough signatures to qualify. It was extremely disappointing,” Gordly said.

Gordly pointed out the positive actions of the second recall which collected more than 20,000 signatures. She referred to an active website to download petitions, strong volunteer participation throughout the city and a comprehensive plan to put this issue before Portland voters.

“Several of us will be actively looking for candidates with integrity and character to become our next mayor,” said Gordly.

Why didnt you GIVE A HOOT about the recall?!
  • Why didn't you GIVE A HOOT about the recall?!