America the Ridiculous: Despite being charged for fraud, Goldman Sachs' profits rose 91 percent this year. John Stewart has a thing or two to say about their sachs of cash:

That'll Teach 'em to Protest: The Thai government threatens to shoot protesters.

To Your Health! Big insurance companies are enacting one part of the healthcare bill early, letting college grads stay on their parents' insurance.

Dog Fight? Okay! Supreme Court throws out law banning videos of animal cruelty.

Hmm... Racial Profiling, Much? Arizona's strict new immigration law allows authorities to check the papers of anyone they suspect is an illegal immigrant.

How Apple Lost the Leaked iPhone: It involves German beer and an engineer's 27th bday.

Supreme Court v. Sexting: The highest court in the land debates the privacy of txt msgs.

Palin vs. Hacker: That college kid who hacked into Sarah Palin's email account is now facing 50 years in prison.

Police Union Prez Resigns! In case you missed the news on the blogs yesterday, ol' Scott Westie is out.

Bikes vs. Banks!! Roseburg bank robber makes getaway on BMX bike.