Today is the big day when supporters of the Sam Adams Recall Recall were supposed to turn in 32,183 signatures to launch a special recall election. As of last month, the recall would have needed to collect 739 signatures every day until the deadline and... no surprise, they fell short.

The recall website announced the news with a strange, wandering statement penned by former recall chief Jasun Wurster.

First, Wurster dispenses the big news with snide quote marks: "The bottom line is we simply can not recall the first 'openly gay mayor' for lying, no matter how many gay men he had to bring down with him."

Then, Wurster writes that though the recall failed, it has removed the veil "that has for too long obscured the dysfunction of how we, as citizens, are systematically manipulated in elections" and links to this week's feature in the Mercury about political consultant Mark Weiner. Thanks for the link, guys, but I don't think the recall campaign can take credit for prompting Matt's article.

From there, the recall endorses Mary Volm for City Council and then Wurster takes his final jab at Sam: linking to several punk songs that will be sure to strike fear in Adams' heart.

So, in honor of the death of the recall, let us all take a moment to watch the video Jasun Wurster is dedicating to his biggest foe: Treepeople's "Something Vicious for Tomorrow."

Update 11:56 AM— I just got off the phone with Mayor Adams and he had this brief non-response to the recall's failure. "I have been focused on the issue of job creation, on the issue of improving our high school graduation rate, on sustainability and on coming up with the state-required land use plan for the city. Those are my priorities and I’m not going to let anything distract me from them." I couldn't get a straight answer on whether his office is going out for celebration drinks.