Top o' the morning, fans of LOST! Are you ready to minutely deconstruct the ever-unfolding puzzle of the most mysterious show on TV? Or are you ready to curl up in a sleeping bag inside a makeshift fort in your living room, go to sleep, and never talk about this stupid show again? I'M KIND OF ON THE FENCE. Last night's episode "The Last Recruit" was a free-for-all of sorts that didn't really focus on any one character, and therefore was unfocused. BUT! There's only four episodes left, guys! So can we buck up and push through to the end? To paraphrase a former presidential candidate whose name escapes me at the moment, "YES WE CAN!"
As always there are spoilery discussion questions after the jump, but feel free to wax poetic on anything you like. Sooooooo… [awkward pause].... LET'S TALK LOST!


1) I didn't enjoy this episode; I didn't NOT enjoy this episode. I just feel kind of deflated about the whole thing... and yet? I'm really psyched to watch the final four episodes! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM???

2) I've now decided that the island is the only thing good about this show. Whenever they hop over to "sideways land," everything—even the action sequences—get 40% more boring-er.

3) The only thing I thought was funny about last night's episode was Claire's boo-boo face after the others left her behind. She totally reminds me of Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club!

4) Did anyone besides me think that Sun and Jin were going to get fried during their tearful reunion by that sonic fence? Totally ruined the moment for me!

5) How do you think the "sideways land" plot and "the island" plot are going to finally come together?

6) And finally, did you skip this episode to watch Glee? BE HONEST!!