Today's totally badass trailer!

In case you're blind — and if you are, what are you doing reading these words? — the footage shows an embattled cityscape full of Marvel and Capcom icons duking it out in that stylized, Street Fighter IV-esque art that I do so love.

In the span of a minute and a half, Ryu catches an adamantium-laced headbutt to the snout, Morrigan gets all mid-air smoochypoo with Tony Stark, and the Hulk tries in vain to convince Chris Redfield that he is not the Tyrant's sexy brother (before trying to HULK SMASH the zombie killer into bloody paste). All in all, quite a busy 80 seconds — extremely fitting given the series' pedigree for over the top fisticuffs and lightning fast counters, counter-counters, and counter-counter- ... you see where I'm going with this.

If there's one glaring problem with this trailer, it's that it doesn't show off any real gameplay. I know the game is relatively early in development, but I still want to see some sort of actual combat imagery.

Call me impatient if you must. That "Spring 2011" release date is a relatively short time away (in the grand, cosmic scope of things) but I'm not Galactus, dammit! I don't have millennia of free time to kick around, waiting to punch Reed Richards in his smug, elastic beard.

Hell, I don't even have any delicious planets to much on in the mean time. All I have are these stupid baby carrots.

Fuck you baby carrots. Fuck you straight to hell.