This week's web comment of the week came from regular commenter Alexjon, on Sarah's presumably rhetorically titled post "Do You Care What Beau Breedlove Has to Say About the Recall Effort?"

I'm going to guess the people who are all aflutter over "the lie, THE LIE" haven't lived in a time or place where a noise complaint can turn into sodomy charges. Which sucks royally. Cops loved rounding up homos in the gay neighborhood back in my hometown under violations of noise ordinances before Lawrence v. Texas. If you get all big-headed and say "yeh, I was havin' gay sex", in the clink you go! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200!

I was "playing video games" and "moving furniture" a couple of times, in fact.

It's royally embarrassing to the LGBT community that we so deeply stigmatize sex that we can turn a lie about sexual conduct into TWO recall attempts. It's even more embarrassing that folks are basically trying to cover a wrongheaded publicity grab that netted several interviews and the cover of Unzipped.

We can't give you nights of noisy uninhibited passion, Alexjon, but we can give you this small gift gif:


Everybody else, you know the drill: Next week, same time, same place, the most coveted gif in town could be yours.