Yesterday Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of something called "Open Graph" and social networking took a step... in some direction. Introducing its "Like" button to an amalgam of websites around the Internet, Facebook now allows anyone with an account to "Like" a story, a website, or nearly anything they deem worth "Like"-ing and share their web-based delight with their Facebook friends.

The intention of including the Like button outside of the Facebook network is said to aid the website in developing a "more personal experience" for its 400 million members.


Some are banking on the development to ultimately change the face of the Internet.
I'm just hoping to find out which of my friends are fans of things like this:


Since the inclusion of the Like button, I have learned that one of my friends likes strawberries, ravioli, and Shit My Dad Says. Another friend came out of left field with liking Nancy Grace, working out, and white zinfandel. Apparently I have a lot to learn about these people.

If this is the new face of the Internet, I am officially for it.

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