Hollywood has been buzzing with rumors saying that the upcoming re-boot-make of The Green Hornet scripted by Seth "Knocked Up" Rogan and directed by Michel "Eternal Sunshine of the blahdy blah blah" Gondry is a crap pile of monstrous proportion. So what's the studio's solution? Push it back another month, and distribute it in 3-D! From Variety:

The Michel Gondry-helmed pic will now open Jan. 14, 2011. The studio bristled at the notion that bad buzz surrounding the project played a role in its decision to abandon one of choicest days on the box office calendar. Instead, Sony said that once the decision was made to incorporate 3D during the production process, “Green Hornet” needed to find a frame with sufficient digital screens. A number of 3D pics have already staked out December slots including “Tron: Legacy” and “Yogi Bear.”

Now while the rumors may be correct that this flick will be craptacular, there's no way converting it to 3-D will make it one iota better. (See Clash of the Titans if you doubt this theory.) It's also extremely probable that Rogan/Gondry's bizarro vision of superhero flicks don't match up with Sony's family-friendly vision of the genre. SO WE SHALL SEE WHAT WE SHALL SEE.
And as a sidenote: YOGI FREAKING BEAR?? REALLY??

Hats off to Film Drunk!