Last night marked the finale of this season of Project Runway, with our adopted homeboy Seth Aaron competing as one of the three finalists as they presented their final collections at New York Fashion Week. It was splashed all around the internets at the time it was filmed, but it's worth taking a gander at the complete video:

If you are still trying to protect yourself from the truth then do not hit this jump.

I gotta say, I'm proud of our (adopted) boy. I've poked fun at him all season for his Hot Topic-luxe approach but his final collection kicked it. It looked good. And, of course he won it!

Okay, inspired by German and Russian military in the 1940s. Um, so like Nazis and stuff? These questions and more are to be answered in my interview with Seth Aaron, taking place in about... 40 minutes. In the meantime, pop a cork!