Quick! Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live will be at the Aladdin Theater tonight and we have a pair of tickets to give you. First, a little about the show:

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE LIVE is bringing its comedy review back out on the road for a national US tour in April and May. This is the FIRST major AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE LIVE US Tour after successful dates last year in Austin and Chicago. Starring ATHF co-creator Dave Willis, the voice of “Meatwad” and “Carl,” and voice actor/comedian Dana Snyder, the voice of “Master Shake,” the comedy variety show brings to life the characters from the Adult Swim hit TV series that features Master Shake, a sadistic and lazy milkshake, Frylock, the floating box of fries who is the brains of the group, and Meatwad, a loving, gentle ball of meat.

Mixing TV clips, live music from their latest album, Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas, along with skits featuring both the ATHF and SQUIDBILLIES characters, the live show will include Meatwad and Shake onstage (through the puppet wizardry of former Jim Henson designer and fabricator James Wojtal), as well as a Granny puppet from Willis’ redneck squidriffic show, SQUIDBILLIES. You’ll also be treated to short comedy films available ONLY at these live shows, and get cool free Adult Swim merch to boot.

“Carl” will be on hand to play air guitar and offer a unique “regional beef” targeting each city. Feel the holiday spirit anew when Dave and Dana perform their ATHF Christmas album classic, “I Sure Hope I Don’t Have to Beat Your Ass This Christmas.” Be the first to view a never-before seen clip of a brand new AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE or SQUIDBILLIES episode. Dave and Dana will also judge a “Show Us Your Meatwad Competition,” record voicemail messages, help students with Women’s and Gender Studies papers, lecture on the world of entertainment and internet media and answer questions with completely unrelated responses.

Regional beef? Here comes the hippie jokes. If you want to win yourself a pair of tickets, just comment below and tell us about your favorite Aqua Teen character (I'm a Dr. Weird fan). The best comment by today at 12:30 pm (two hours from now) will win the tickets. Good luck!