In what was the worst night in the history of ever, the Portland Trail Blazers were shamed on their homecourt by a dominate Phoenix Suns team, and now trail this best-of-seven series 2-1. The 108-89 final score seems moderately competitive, something this game never was. The Suns' Jason Richardson spent the majority of the game with more points than all five Blazer starters combined (give that stat a moment to sink in), as he finished with 42 on the night. Once again, Rudy Fernandez was an absolute cancer—despite a brief barrage of three-pointers as he tried to make up for his three game vanishing act—and LaMarcus Aldridge failed to step up in the gaping absence of Brandon Roy. With the exception of a frenzied Jerryd Bayless, it was a terrible night for the entire Blazers' roster.

Game four is Saturday afternoon at the Rose Garden. I'll be live blogging it under the heavy influence of percocet (Goodbye, wisdom teeth!), which only seems fitting.