In this episode of Saturday Morning Cartoon, we travel back to the days of the cavemen who did, as it turns out, coexist with the dinosaurs! (In your stupid face, "science.") And just like today's society, they had superheroes around who would take care of any caveman dicks who happened to pop up. Let's take for example the Hanna-Barbera cartoon MIGHTOR, about a masked caveman who protected his English-speaking tribe with his massive power club and flying dragon. Because flying dragons existed at the same time as cavemen, too. ANYWAY! In this HEEE-LARIOUS episode, a caveman dick challenges the mighty Mightor to a WWE-style wrasslin' match with his highly trained pet dinosaur... because dinosaurs were very easy to train, don'tchaknow. ACK! WHO SHALL PREVAIL??
Please enjoy Mightor in "Mightor Meets Tyrannor!" (And also enjoy saying "Tyrannor" the rest of the day.)

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