Last night, the Writers Standup showcase at the Mt. Tabor was a strong showing from comedians who write for Conan and other talk shows. By far my favorite was Ian Edwards who just commanded the stage. It's been an interesting sociological experience watching how some performers have the audience from the first second, and then watching comedians who are still working on that "it" factor. Ian Edwards had a great set, closely followed by Morgan Murphy, whose awkward bit is funny uncomfortable rolled into one six-foot-tall wild-haired performer. On a side note: I'm burning out fast on the manic Brody Stevens, who's good but he seems to be onstage every hour.

Last night. Two venues: Bagdad and Mt. Tabor with Ian Edwards performing at the Closing Night Blowout (hosted by the omnipresent Brody Stevens) at the Bagdad. Schedule here.